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What we feed our pups and why...

When Little Handsome Kennels got started, we made a dedication to quality. Not just because it is a cool slogan, but because we care a great deal about our dogs - the ones that remain in our family as well as the puppies we place in homes. Part of our dedication to quality involves the food we use to fuel our pets. That is why we have chosen Alpha Dog food for our pack (read on for more details).

Every one of our buyers receives a one time discount code to use when buying Alpha Dog food as well as a sample of the kibble to assist the puppy in transition. As a breeder, we are providing people with a lifetime companion and we want those companions to live long and healthy lives. We strongly hope that our buyers and their pups will benefit as we have from this product.

Husky Nutrition

You don't have to venture very far into the world of Siberian Huskies to find the breed trait that ails most, if not all, husky owners. In short, Siberian Huskies have a complicated relationship with food. Not surprisingly, this breed trait causes somewhat of a debate among Siberian Husky Breeders. Some argue that a raw food diet is the only option for Siberians whereas others take a less drastic approach.

To speak plainly, Siberian Huskies are prone to diarrhea. Studies have shown and vets have confirmed that this is NOT an issue with the Siberian Husky digestive system. Rather, the problem that huskies have with food is related to the quality of the food they are consuming. We believe that poor food quality manifests itself in a variety of ways for a variety of dog breeds. Some breeds display weight issues, poor coat health, irritability, etc. as a result of poor nutrition. For huskies, bathroom breaks are where they wave the red flag. Unless there is a more serious issue at play (i.e. parasites or disease), when you fix the food, the diarrhea problem goes away.


The conclusion...

This phenomenon is something we have both researched and experienced for ourselves. We've tried out various dog food brands and even tackled home made dog food for a time. The conclusion we have come to is that Siberian Huskies, and dogs in general, need a higher quality dog food to avert the diarrhea issue. "Higher quality" means a dog food that is free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors and flavors, fillers and by-products. For our pack, we have gone even further to choose a dog food that is grain free because of the higher protein content and the lower likelihood of irritation in digestion. Not all dogs needs grain-free but there are a few of ours who do.

A new problem

After we came to our conclusion on what our pack needed nutrition-wise, we were faced with another problem: The cost of quality. Human grade dog food is expensive and we were confronted with an ultimatum of breaking bank OR sacrificing the health of our dogs. This was not a situation we were thrilled to be in.

Then, we found Alpha Dog food. Alpha Dog's line of dog foods are affordably priced product while maintaining the quality standards we were described above. What also sold us on the company is that a "portion of your purchase goes towards helping people with disabilities earn a living." The company also addressed an issue that so few other companies do. Their article, "Dog Food for Dog Breeders", discusses the very issue that we had been facing: The cost vs quality ultimatum. Alpha Dog allows breeders to buy at a discount, in bulk, so that we are not forced to buy a less healthy dog food due to the cost of feeding many mouths. In short, we highly encourage you to check it our for yourself - don't just take our word for it!

Happy and healthy

In the end, our pack is proof positive that we are on the right track. We constantly receive compliments on their coat healthy and we do not have to deal with chronic diarrhea. Our dogs are fit, strong, and have impressive stamina. The pack at Little Handsome Kennels is happy and healthy - just the way we like it!

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Alpha Dog food is an online pet food store based out of Swedesboro, NJ. They sell kibble style food for dogs and cats with product subscription options that ship right to your door!