Our dog philosophy…

The longer we spend time with animals, the more we learn and the more we realize that we have a lot to learn. Dogs are not humans and to expect them to be like humans can cause an unfortunate, and sometimes relationship altering, misunderstandings between you and your furry companion. Our philosophy comes from an understanding that there are behavior patterns, roles, emotions, etc. that are fundamentally shared between certain creatures on planet earth. In fact, more and more studies are showing that the connection we can accomplish with dogs is due in part to the many behavioral and emotional characteristics that we share. However, every creature is unique. Because a certain dog does not respond or act the way a human would does not mean that that dog is broken or malfunctioning. It simply points to the fact that we are different species with our own unique instincts, language, and purpose.

Poor behavior is a problem and should not be overlooked. However, one should seek to understand WHY a “bad” or disobedient dog acted the way it did instead of creating immediate assumptions based on incomplete information. Dogs are not stupid and they should not be feared but respected. Overall, dogs just love their people and there is much that we as humans can learn from the way dogs treat us and each other.

To properly interact with dogs, you must learn their language, instincts, and individual personality. These three things can be influenced by any combination of breed history, purpose, social structure, lineage, etc. This is an important concept that we learned through various research, from talking to other breeders, and through interaction with our own dogs. If you have a specific question or topic you would like us to address or have any insight you’d like to offer, feel free to make a request in the comments below!

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